How 6 Hours a Week can Change your Life!

Life is Hectic! You’re too Blessed to be Stressed. Handing over your to-do list to a concierge company can mean the world between being stressed about doing laundry, cooking, grocery shopping, changing sheets, house cleaning, and many other mundane tasks, and, like Rachel Zoe said: “Sometimes, though, you have to put aside the to-do list and raise a glass to all the good things in life.” Concierge service is an entire industry built around waiting hand-and-foot on busy professionals, families, and seniors; some concierge even provide services for out of state and international students who can afford it — all for an affordable price. At DeMaric Concierge, you can use a 6 hours concierge package/week for many chores. You might even come home to a cooked meal!

As a premium concierge provider to busy professionals in the twin cities metro areas, DeMaric Concierge is pleased to say we have received tremendous satisfaction from our clients – most who work in positions that take them away from home, at the least 11 hours a day; leaving them little time to do laundry, grocery shopping, drop off/pick up dry cleaning, run other errands, pickup prescription medication, wait for a service, cook a meal, clean their homes and, spend quality time with family and friends.

With all the studies on employees using company time to purchase tickets, run errands, pay bills, etc. We have been interested to hear how many companies have plans to offer personal concierge services to employees as a work-life balance benefit.


DeMaric Concierge is a Minnesota locally owned business; the company has the experience and a pool of vastly talented workers to perform premium services in homes, dorms, etc.



It takes a town…

It takes a town to care for the Elderly

~ Reliable Senior Concierge

Minneapolis vs. St. Paul – Who Ya Got?

I do agree, people should stay away from that fight. After all, both St. Paul and Minneapolis have vibrant lifestyle and culture; the cities are doing a tremendous job of catering to my clientele base – an active senior living within distinctive communities in both cities. Now more than ever, Minneapolis and St. Paul are stepping up to accommodate young professionals with unique urban style lofts, like in New York and other Major cities. One thing I know for sure, the people in Minnesota love their State, and are proud to call it HOME.